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Spanish Empire Map
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Spanish Empire
By colonizing the Americas, Spain became one of the richest and most powerful countries of the 16th century. At the height of its power in 1588, the Spanish Empire included the West Indies, Cuba, Florida, Mexico, Central America, much of South America, and the Philippines.
Although Spain colonized us for 300 years, why we(unlike other Hispanic countries) did not adapted Spanish(Castilian) as our native language?
-Philippines is an archipelago.
 -The friars taught us some Latin for prayers. They never taught us(the common Filipinos) Spanish. We can read this in El Filibusterismo.
 -Friars communicated with the common Filipinos through Tagalog.
 -We love our native toungue, patrionism.
 -Very few had the opportunity to learn Spanish.
 -Rizal's quote: "Ang di magmahal s sariling salita, mahigit sa hayop at malansang isda."
 -American colonization
 -Americans taught us the English language.
 -Most areas of our country was not conquered by Spain, thus they speak their own ethnic/regional dialects.
 -We hate Spaniards!